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Trade Match - Profit By Backing High-End Trading Strategies


Trade Match is a user-friendly copy trading platform launched to provide access to the financial markets for investors with limited or no experience in trading.


At the same time, it offers possibilities for advanced traders who wish to share their trading strategies with a broader audience and thus increase their earning potential.


The platform aims to ensure that both traders and investors can utilize the latest technology in the field, work under clear and transparent conditions and enjoy their experience through an intuitive dashboard.


Copy trading is gaining momentum. Seize the moment with Trade Match

Internet and technologies made possible the boom of online trading. Today, more than ever, people are attracted by the lucrative opportunities of the financial markets to increase their income. However, trading on the global markets is not a walk in the park.


All successful traders have years of studying and practising behind them. Naturally, it is not possible for everyone who wants to take advantage of the profit potential of the financial markets to become a professional trader, and thankfully it is not necessary.


Social and copy trading opened the door for global investors to access the opportunities provided by simply making what the professionals do. In the last fifteen years, this concept has been gaining momentum, and today there are a number of copy trading platforms attracting members. 


Trade Match stands out with its effortless navigation that strives to offer a revolutionary experience for investors. The complexity of trading is the central issue for all novice investors, and Trade Match aims to provide a solution with its 1,2,3 viewpoint of the process like signing in and selecting a trader to copy. 
Trade Match is designed to support the investors' journey by providing them with various features that will help them monitor, review, compare and rate traders in order to make an informed decision on who to follow. Additionally, they are provided with a state-of-art risk level system enabling them to control what part of their capital is at risk on each copy trading strategy they decide to copy. 


Trade Match strives to offer access to the alluring earning opportunities of the global financial markets to anyone who wishes to tap in. The platform is designed with investors' needs in mind without overlooking the experience of the top traders sharing their trading strategies via the platform. 


The Investor's Journey


As an investor, Trade Match offer you an opportunity to match with top traders, copy their trading strategy and piggy bank on their profitable trades. Starting with Trade Match is easy and free. 


Your first step is checking the traders' lists, where you can monitor the profiles of all advanced traders sharing their trading strategies via the platform. To assist you with this ocean of information Trade Match's team provides you with various filters to review the traders - absolute gain, trading since inception, maximum drawdown and monthly average performance. 


Additionally, you compare the traders' trading performance based on five criteria: risk level, drawdown level, asset under management, number of copies, and best monthly performance. 


Each trader receives an evaluation of their trading performance based on these criteria and, according to this assessment, is ordered higher or lower in the list. 


Once you choose which trading strategy to copy, you can also adjust your risk level settings. Trade Match offers three risk level variables - Stop Loss, Take Profit and Multiplier Index. 


Stop Loss index enables you to set how much of your initial deposit you're willing to risk on the trading strategy you will copy. The Take Profit index allows you to determine how much profit you wish to secure before trading stops, while with the multiplier index, you can choose what percentage of the trading strategy you want to copy.


All risk level settings can be modified when you add a trading strategy to your account or if you wish to adjust the current ones on a previously copied trading strategy. Once you adjust the risk level setting, you are ready to go. 


Once you add the trading strategy to your account, you don't need to do anything else, as the system will automatically place the trades on your behalf. 


Trader's Journey


Traders with successful trading strategies can share them via Trade Match and start earning when investors copy their profitable strategy. 


To support traders' experience, Trade Match offers them a personal profile page and a partner link that they can share on various social platforms to increase their exposure. 


Traders are also provided with an easy to navigate dashboard, where they can follow how many investors copy their trading strategy. Ongoing technical support available via various channels ensure the quality of the experience. 


Advantages of Trade Match


Trade Match is an innovative copy trading platform that aims to mitigate the obstacles met by new investors who wish to tap into the financial markets. 


It offers an intuitive and effortless environment where they can create a profile, open an account and start copying top traders from the comfort of their own homes. 


At the same time, the platform strives to offer bespoke conditions for successful traders who wish to share their robust trading strategies via the platform. 


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